Rating System

little-book-wyrm Rating System WP (2)

5 stars- A Favorite; Must Read! This book is perfect or about as close to perfect as a book can be. 5 stars are rare for me and books that receive them hold a very special place in my heart. If I give a book 5 stars you can be sure that this book was truly amazing. I could read these books over and over again

4 stars- Excellent; I Recommend. I really enjoyed this book and wouldn’t mind reading it over and over again. It wasn’t quite perfect, but it was pretty close.

3 stars- Good; Entertaining. It wasn’t bad but I can’t say that I loved it. These book probably didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

2 stars- Don’t Buy It; Borrow It. I didn’t enjoy this book all that much. I had problems with the elements of the story or it just didn’t appeal to me at all.

1 star- Skip This One. I struggled very hard to get through this one. I probably didn’t find any part of the book appealing at all.

DNF- This will be rare as I do my best to finish all books that I start reading. With that being said, I probably won’t review this novel unless it was a request made to me by a publisher/author. If I didn’t finish this book, you can be sure that it wasn’t enjoyable one bit.