Discover your next favorite book!

Hello and welcome bookwyrms!

If you’ve arrived at my blog it means that you are looking to find your next read and, dare I say it, your next favorite book. Whether you are stuck in a reading slump, browsing for books to add to your TBR list, or looking for something else to read little-book-wyrm is here to help.


My name is Emma. I’m a 20-year-old book blogger living in warm, sunny Southern California. I am currently enrolled in college and majoring in Journalism and New Media with a concentration in Writing and Publishing. I currently work as an Editor (Culture and Index) for my college yearbook.

I have been reading since before Kindergarten and could always be found with a book in my hands. I was the kid who got in trouble for staying up late reading and always got my books taken away from me when I got in trouble. I still can be found reading at every spare moment I’m not blogging or completing schoolwork.

I started little-book-wyrm in January of 2015 on Tumblr. It was until November of 2015 that I finally had a set schedule of blogging which I’m still tweaking to fit around my busy schedule. November was also when I moved my blog over to WordPress, although I still post on my Tumblr blog as well.

As a blogger, my mission is to give an honest review of the books that I read. I want my readers to form their own opinions of the books that can be found reviewed on little-book-wyrm.

I love meeting new people and would love to hear from my readers, whether the have a question they need answered or just want to talk. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

Happy reading bookwyrms!

Where to find me:

Twitter: littlebookwyrm

Instagram: little_book_wyrm

Goodreads: littlebookwyrm

Tumblr: little-book-wyrm


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