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Amethyst Rising by L.A. Hendricks ARC Review

Amethyst Rising cover

Amethyst Rising by L.A. Hendricks

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Published by Illipsium Media, LLC on December 9, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Teens

Source/Format: An ARC was provided to me by NetGalley and Illipsium Media, LLC for an honest review.

Pages: 225


Queen Marlaveenia has been on the throne for two years and has finally gotten the hand of ruling — sort of. In need of a break, she and her friends travel to Haster, Texas on Earth for some R&R and find nothing but trouble.

Caught in the middle of a plot to minimize her ability to save her people from assimilation by the treacherous Verishe, Marla, along with Madoc, Rhisiart and her mother, Andi, will use every trick up their sleeves and make a few up along the way. And in the process, Marla will discover that she can have everything she wants if she’s willing to fight for it. –Goodreads



Thank you to NetGalley and Illipsium Media, LLC for providing me with an ARC for an honest review.


It has been two years since Marla became Queen of Skatia and she is finally getting the hang of ruling. However, she needs a break. She and her new found friend, Darciss, travel back to Marla’s home in Haster, Texas. While home Marla finds her soul held captive and tortured in her sleep by the Verishe. Marla soon discovers that she can accomplish anything if she puts her mind to it.

My Thoughts:

Just like with Half Breed Queen, this second novel in The Skatia Narratives was able to hold my attention the entire time. This novel wasn’t didn’t have the same length of time occurring as the first novel did, but it there was still a good amount of time that passed.

One of my favorite parts of this book and the series is that Hendricks doesn’t write Marla as a sweet girl who does the right thing and is good to everyone all the time. She writes Marla as a relatable young adult who does what she thinks is right in the moment.

I recommend this book and the series to those who like SciFi and fantasy.


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