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Let’s Talk About…#5

SciFi & Aliens

What are some of your favorite SciFi novels?

Do you think that there are other beings in the universe besides ourselves?

Have you read Half Breed Queen yet? If so, what did you think?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…#5

  1. I love SciFi. My dad was a great lover of SciFi books and shows. I think my favorite alien book would be The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I was pleasantly surprised when I read it. After Twilight I thought there was not way something not about vampires would be any good from her, but I was wrong. It is a great read.
    I often feel that there aren’t other beings, but then at the same time there is so much out there how could there not be. I guess every time you see a alien movie they are trying to take over Earth, and that is not a scenario I want to be in.


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