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How I Stay Organized

I have been getting asked recently how I stay organized for my blog(s) without losing my mind and wanting to pull my hair out. I have decided to put together a quick tutorial of my binder in the hopes that it might help others stay organized as well.


What you need:

  • An empty 3 ring binder
  • Page protectors
  • pens, pencils, gel pens, highlighters, etc.
  • blog planner print outs (found on Pinterest)


The front cover of my binder is from A Dose of Paige.


When you first open my binder you can find extra Weekly Post Planner pages found in The Ultimate Blog Planner Kit from Designer Blogs, my pencil case from Peru with my pen, pencil, highlighter and gel pens, and my 2015 Reading Challenge.


The first page of my binder is my 2015 Reading Challenge. This is one way that I keep track of what I have read this year so far.


The second page of my binder is my Monthly Calendar found in The Ultimate Blog Planner Kit from Designer Blogs. This is where my gel pens come in handy. Blue is for the weekly posts that I create. Purple is for the weekly features/memes that I participate in. Green is for any extra posts that I create. Pink is for the featured book of the week.


After the calendar are the Weekly Post Planner pages that I have filled out for the month. I also use my gel pens here to keep track of which posts are which. I don’t use these pages exactly as they are meant. I modify them for my own use.


At the end of the month I fill out a blog tracker page. The page I use is from DIY Budget Girl. I have to fill out two per month because I have more posts than one page keeps track of. At the end of the month the calendar, weekly post pages, and blog tracker pages will go into one pocket protector to save space and pocket protectors.


After the pages that I use for the month are Giveaway Tracker pages and Blog Post Checklist pages for new ideas from A Dose of Paige. Keep an eye out, there might be a giveaway coming up ;).


At the very end of the binder I keep extra pocket protectors and blank lined paper for to do lists and to write down any thoughts or notes that I have.


The back cover of my binder is one of my favorite printouts. I have this one in my binder from school and posted at my work also. It’s from Falala Designs.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking for tips or help on how to stay organized. You can do this with any blog planner printables that you find. It is easy to modify for your use.

Happy reading bookwyrms!

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