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Seraphina by Rachel Hartman Review

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Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

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Published by Random House Books for Young Readers on July 10, 2012

Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Fantasy

Source/Format: I own a paperback copy

Pages: 499




Lyrical, imaginative, and wholly original, this New York Times bestseller with 8 starred reviews is not to be missed.  Rachel Hartman’s award-winning debut will have you looking at dragons as you’ve never imagined them before…

In the kingdom of Goredd, dragons and humans live and work side by side – while below the surface, tensions and hostility simmer.The newest member of the royal court, a uniquely gifted musician named Seraphina, holds a deep secret of her own. One that she guards with all of her being.When a member of the royal family is brutally murdered, Seraphina is drawn into the investigation alongside the dangerously perceptive—and dashing—Prince Lucien. But as the two uncover a sinister plot to destroy the wavering peace of the kingdom, Seraphina’s struggle to protect her secret becomes increasingly difficult… while its discovery could mean her very life. – Barnes and Noble





What happens when humans and dragons live side by side? Nothing good.

When Seraphina finds a job working on the royal court as a musician’s apprentice, she soon finds it harder to keep her secret. She is a half-breed, the product of a love affair between a human and a dragon. After a member of the royal family is murdered brutally in the woods, all evidence points to the murderer being a dragon. Seraphina is drawn into the investigation and helps Prince Lucian with his hunt to find his uncle’s killer.

They soon realize that the peace of the kingdom and the dragons is in danger when they discover who is behind it all. Seraphina finds it harder to protect her secret the more they uncover the plot to destroy the kingdom. Can she keep it a secret? What will happen if the truth does come out?

My Thoughts:

I was required to read this class for a young adult literature class I took this semester. When I first picked up Seraphina I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it. I had seen it on bookshelves at different stores and would pick it up and look at it, but I always put it back and went for a different choice. I’m really glad Seraphina was a book choice for my class.

I have found myself reading quite a few fantasy books lately. What drew me into Seraphina, besides the fact I had to read it for class, were Dragons. I have always had a fascination with these mythical (?) creatures. I like Seraphina’s character, particularly the idea of her being a half breed (half human-half dragon).

As far as the storyline goes, I enjoyed everything except or the sort-of love story blooming between Seraphina and Kiggs. I felt like it was rushed and came out of nowhere. It needed more time to develop. They went from just being friends one second to saying “I love you” without any real clues in the story that this was going to happen. I am hoping that this aspect of the story is developed better in the second book.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. If you are a fan of the fantasy genre or dragons I highly recommend this book.



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